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New York City


Since 2018, SalesCraft has cemented its' position within the consulting industry. Upon graduating Stern's school of business, Dominick Defazio, CEO and Lead Architect, taught himself to code, leading to him opening up his very own Salesforce Development Academy. Through this academy, he trains and develops his own team to secure reliability and trust within our company. 

Dominick was successful enough in his pursuits that he was featured in The Salesforce Career Playbook - "From Sales to CEO at the age of 23"

Our onshore resources and expertise can help you get the most out of Salesforce. We guarantee to deliver a solution that meets your needs, is cost-effective, and exceeds your expectations.

SalesCraft is dedicated to leveraging Salesforce as the path to success, believing that any goal can be achieved with a carefully planned and skillfully built CRM.

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