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New York City


Since its inception in 2018, SalesCraft has established a reputation for excellence in the consulting industry. Dominick Defazio, our CEO and Lead Architect, transitioned from graduating from Stern School of Business to teaching himself coding, and subsequently founded the Salesforce Development Academy. His achievements were recognized in "The Salesforce Career Playbook," highlighting his journey to becoming CEO at just 23 years old.


At SalesCraft, we are dedicated to delivering cost-effective Salesforce solutions that exceed expectations. Our onshore resources and expertise ensure that we provide the highest standards of reliability and trust. We believe in the power of a well-implemented CRM to transform business outcomes.


In addition to our Salesforce expertise, SalesCraft is pioneering in AI development. We have collaborated with OpenAI to create crAInium, an innovative tool set to revolutionize customer interactions with Salesforce. crAInium is designed to enhance usability and efficiency, redefining industry standards for customer relationship management.

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